Are you looking for a form of exercise which combines body and mind? Are you looking for small personal group sessions instead of  anonymous large group lessons? Would you like to become stronger, more flexible and feel more balanced? Studio Natuurlijk might just be the Studio for you!

We are  a warm and friendly Yoga and Pilates studio in the heart of Utrecht. The studio was founded by Nathalie van den Bovenkamp on the principles of movement connected to mind and breathing. We are a community bases studio, with an emphasis on personal coaching. You will learn to connect with your breath, listen to your body and stretch your body (and mind!)


Pilates is based on the principles of strength, flexibility and control. Joseph Pilates called his method contrology: controlling movement by focusing the mind. Pilates exercises will calm your mind and train your body to be strong and flexible. Injuries will be alleviated and prevented. Pilates will make you more aware of your body and help you feel strong, fit and energetic.


Yoga is meditation through movement. By turning your attention inwards and connecting to your breathing, you will find thoughts and worries fading into the background. The dynamic classes will strengthen and limber up your body , and at the same time quiet down your mind. You will learn to experience life with an open mind and to look at yourself with kindness and appreciation.

After both our Pilates and our Yoga classes, there is opportunity to reflect  and relax with a cup of tea.

Are you interested in a class? You are welcome to a trial class: just 7,50 without any strings attached.
You can register for a trial class here.

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